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We are a rapidly expanding multimedia production, sustainable systems and social media solutions company that offers the advantage of exposure and growth while supporting conscious and sustainable living, global awareness, and a new vision for the future.



Starseed International is also an innovative new technologies, communications, and in development of a global content distribution platform. In addition, we also serve as an educational company providing a wide range of industry services for a variety of local, national, and international clients in radio, fashion, film, television, advertising, marketing, public relations, and travel.



Our creative and award-winning team brings a wealth of talent and experience to every project we engage. Starseed International consistently provides our clients with high quality productions that are imaginative, engaging, informative, and cost effective.

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Michael Levine is a digital artist with a strong passion for filmmaking and video production. Michael has been creating short films and documentaries since his teenage years and while obtaining college degrees in Film, Philosophy, and Sociology, he developed a clear understanding of the artistic value and grand potentials available through the art of film. Michael's thought provoking films have won top awards in multiple festivals as well as providing aid in civil justices.  

Jonah Bolt has lived a charmed and unique journey, to say the least. He has traveled to over 30 countries world-wide and has been published over a 2 dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to empower through self-sustainability around the globe & build networks to gather the masses for a world wide ascension to a higher way of living.


Jonah is heavily involved in community development with organizations like, Transition Black Mountain, NC & Transition Asheville, NC (, Peacetown Asheville, NC (, Evolver ( and has met with the Mayor of Asheville & the Congressman's office about his self-sustainability project to help the homeless using aspects from the Domain" Eco-Village( He is a Youth NOW campaign activist, which reaches out to high school & college students across the globe, partnered & supported by We the World. (


His own personal business launches include Bolt Walker, Inc., a NYC business development firm launched in 2001 that specialized in making Digital Flyers for the nightlife industry as well as website development, marketing, and online promotional campaigns. Sober Nightlife, founded in Delray Beach, Florida in 2008, is the world's first and only online venue forum and event company for the sober community, providing sober parties for the sober community in Miami, NYC, LA, Akron-Ohio, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach & other cities all over South Florida. Bolt has built up the company to franchise it into licenses so that anyone in the world could host sober parties too. His ( company was featured on South Florida's Deco Drive TV show, The New Yorkers TV show, & on live TV with Jim & Jade in The Morning Talk Show on CBS.

Claire has a entrepreneurial spirit and a fascination with connections.  After years on Wall Street, Claire opened Future Soundz Studios and acts as the managing Director of Audio and Operations at Maandi Media Studios.  She believes connections through social media  drives the message, product and growth.  Her passion lies in her belief that Social Media is the new world connective tissue and is an integral system for moving content, growing interest. developing client relations, and is a central pathway for ideas. Words to live by: "My education is getting in the way of my learning."-Einstein

Kem has been in multimedia and communications design and production for 18 years. Kem has worked on local, regional, national and global campaigns delivering creative concepts and media designs for corporations as well as small businesses in many industries. Kem's list of clients includes Arby's, Subway, Polaroid, NCAA, Simon Malls, H Gregg, Safe Auto, Eli Lilly and Company, Roche Diagnostic, Carrier, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, and ITT Technical Institute.

Jeremy is a continuously evolving spirit who seeks to create a universe void of fear, ego and judgments and engulfed in love, connected oneness and elevated consciousness. His professional experience is in textiles, fashion, retail management, sales operations, contract & negotiations, advertising & marketing, travel & hospitality, restaurant management & a bit of therapeutic gardening. Jeremy seeks to find the win-win partnerships, cohesive, connected personal & professional relationships for the good of the team and the planet as a whole.

Julia’s career has consisted of a wealth of experience and skills in organizational & program development & management; coalition & consensus building on community, statewide & national levels; workshops & training for the general public & professional service providers; event coordination & sponsorship; grant writing & funding; financial management & evaluation; natural resource conservation & management; & civil engineering, land surveying, and construction.  

Rayland Felts is a designer from a small town in the mountains of Virginia. He studied at Virginia Tech and graduated from East Tennessee University with a B.S. in Digital Media, a concentration in Interaction, and a minor in Art. Ray gathers influence from the practices and studies of Cosmometry, Sacred Geometry, Physics, Math, Biology, Color and Music Theory.

Nicholas Rake was fascinated as a teen by books about Social Psychology, Sociology, and Conspiracy Theories. Two of his favorite authors are Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson and he aims to apply their philosophies holistically to his ongoing study of complex systems and thoughtful skepticism. Foremost in his interest of systems is a life long love of computers. He has released electronic music under the names kni knoo and Hieronymus Bots.

Brian is a self-motivated, enthusiastic professional who is not content to rest on his achievements, but instead he's always seeking new challenges and making new goals by breaking records.He is a natural born people person and finds deep joy in giving his clients exactly what they want and making them smile. Upon employment with Zales within a few months time he was not only the top sales producer in the store, he also obtained elite status, gaining double commission.

Drew D. De Porter (D3PO) is an Asheville based graphic designer and visionary artist with a strong root in the path of understanding and depicting the connection between our planet, ourselves, the cosmos and the dimensions of which we perceive our consciousness.